Trees require care to thrive. With regular trimming, your tree health can be improved and its longevity can be extended. Plus, the benefits of tree trimming don’t stop there. Let’s delve into the many benefits of tree trimming.

Trimming Improves Your Trees Health

Trees can overgrow, leaving limbs competing for resources. Lower limbs can wither and die with a lack of sunlight, and an overgrown tree may be starved of the nutrients and water it needs to thrive. When performed properly, trimming your tree limbs actually improves the health of your tree, which means that it may have a longer life, and its limbs may produce fuller foliage.

Rogue Limbs Cause Damage

Dead limbs and overgrown limbs can be a hazard. Dead limbs, especially large limbs and limbs that are high off the ground — can be a serious hazard to people, pets, and your property. There’s a reason why high, dead branches are called widowmakers. Have dead limbs removed from your trees right away to ensure that your property is safe.

Stave Off Suckers

Certain tree species are prone to grow suckers. Suckers are new growth that sprout from the trunk of a tree. While these growths may look lively, they can actually impair growth throughout the rest of the tree. It’s best to have suckers lopped off as soon as they’re noticed, so that the rest of your tree gets the nutrients and water it needs to thrive.

Thin Your Crown

The crown of your tree may be its best feature. A healthy tree crown will be well dispersed and full of foliage. Meanwhile, an overgrown crown can leave your tree unbalanced, it can block views around your property, and it can cast too much shade on your yard or other plants throughout your landscape.

Raise Your Canopy

Low branches can be an annoyance. When branches grow at eye level, you can find yourself ducking as you walk around your property. Low limbs can be especially annoying when you’re mowing near your tree.

When Should You Trim Your Trees?

You may be asking yourself what time of year is best for tree trimming. It’s best to trim your trees in late winter or early spring, although tree trimming can be performed with caution year round. Trimming during the winter and early spring months can aid the health of your tree, and it will result in less sap production. Since the tree will have more access to nutrients, it will sprout new growth come springtime. Again, it’s important to trim your trees properly, regardless of the season, so hire a tree specialist!

Count on Able Tree

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