The professionals here at Able Tree are proud to provide tree care services. Specializing in the safe and effective removal of trees and shrubs, our team of tree care experts have helped hundreds of residents and business owners in Ray Township, Macomb, and beyond, by enhancing their property and ensuring their safety.

Though not a favored service to perform, as any tree lover truly hates to see trees come down, it is often necessary as trees become a danger when they succumb to disease or damage. Weighing hundreds of pounds, even one branch can cause extensive property damage. Falling branches and trees have also been to blame for dozens of injured homeowners every year. Because the removal of any branch carries with it a number of risks, it is imperative to the health of your family and the protection of your property that you only use a licensed, bonded professional who is highly trained and experienced in tree removal. That’s why we’re here. We’d be happy to help you to remove any trees and shrubs that have become a hazard or eyesore on your property.