When it comes to taking care of the trees on your property, you probably want to help them live as long as possible. Most people don’t want to turn to extreme measures, such as tree removal, unless necessary. There are cases though where tree removal is the best choice for protecting your property and the remaining trees around your home. As your local experts in tree removal in Ray Township and across southeast Michigan, we are here to help you when the time comes that you need a tree removed.

If you are not certain when it is time to call in the professionals for tree removal, check out these following five cases where tree removal is a must.

#1: Your Tree Is Officially Dead

One fairly obvious reason that you should invest in tree removal is when your tree has completely died. If the tree no longer shows any signs of life, such as the growth of foliage, it can be a sure sign that removal is needed. If you have an evergreen tree and the needles have all died, this is a clear indicator of the death of your tree.

Once your tree has died, it is important to invest in professional tree removal right away. The longer you leave a dead tree standing, the greater risk to your property. This is particularly true if your tree is near your home or other structure. A dead tree can lose branches easily and eventually can crash over onto anything nearby. Dead trees are a great risk during any sort of windstorm as they will quickly become brittle. If a tree is dead or you suspect death, call our team for tree removal services.

#2: Your Tree Was Severely Damaged In A Storm

Another time when your tree might need to be removed entirely is after being severely damaged in a storm. During the spring and summer, thunderstorms can wreak havoc on your trees. The high winds can damage the branches and core structure of the tree beyond repair. During the winter months and early spring, heavy, wet snowfall can cause irreparable damages to the branches of your tree. If your tree has snapped in half after a storm or has undergone such severe damages that the tree will not be able to recover, it is time to schedule tree removal services.

Not sure whether or not your tree can recover from the damages inflicted by mother nature? Call our team of tree doctors for a final diagnosis. We can help you determine what the best step to take is and can assist you with careful tree removal if needed.

#3: Your Tree Is Posing A Threat

If you have a tree that is constantly shedding branches, putting your property or others at risk, it might be time for removal. A tree that drops branches around your home can cause severe damage to your property. Large enough branches can crash through roofs, windows, and outbuildings. Not only can a large branch lead to damage, small branches can build up on roofs, causing water pooling and other damaging repercussions. Beyond just damaging buildings on your property, an unstable tree can lead to damage to other components of your landscaping.

Damaged trees not only pose a threat to the buildings and landscaping of your home, they can be a hazard to those who pass by your property. Falling branches could cause injury to people walking by your home or cars driving by. Make sure you mitigate any of these risks by having a professional remove the tree in question.

#4: Your Tree Is Decaying From the Inside

Signs that your tree is dying can be obvious, such as a lack of new foliage, but they can also be hidden. If your tree is decaying from the inside, it can become a serious hazard. The weakened trunk could suddenly collapse or fall over, especially during a strong storm. Noticing that your tree is inwardly decaying can be a bit trickier than the tell-tale signs of a fully dead tree. Some indications of inward tree rot include the following:

  • Fungus or mushroom growth on your tree
  • Discolored leaves
  • Brittle and dying branches
  • Soft or crumbling wood
  • Deep cracks or holes in the tree’s bark

If you notice any of these signs of decay, it is likely time for the tree to be removed. A decaying tree will eventually become a bigger and bigger risk.

#5: Your Tree Is In The Way

Lastly, there are times when you need to remove a tree simply because it is in the way. Maybe you have a large tree that is blocking all the light that enters a room in your home. It might be time to remove this tree so you can allow more natural light into your house. Perhaps you are looking to add-on to your home or outbuilding and a tree is standing square in the way of the project. Whatever the case, tree removal might be necessary when a tree is blocking a space you need or encroaching upon your home. Tree roots can cause serious damage to your property if the tree is not in the proper location.

In any situation, it is always best to hire a professional team for tree removal. Removing a tree yourself can lead to disastrous results and serious injury. If you are in need of tree removal in Ray Township or surrounding locations, give our team a call today!