Most of the time, our trees add value to our properties. After all, they’re beautiful. They provide shade in the heat of the summer, and some shelter from the wind in winter. They give a home curb appeal, and they frame the views from within our homes. But, like anything in nature, trees grow wild, and over time they can become a hazard for your home and family. We’re here to highlight some instances when your tree can become dangerous — here are common tree hazards, as provided by your tree care experts here at Able.

Rot & Pests

When you notice pests or rotting wood in your trees, it’s time to act. Trees are susceptible to mold, especially when the wood has died off. In addition, various pests can infiltrate your trees. In some rare cases, subterranean termites can build a colony in dead trees here in Michigan. If you notice rot or pests that have affected your tree, you may have to trim off various branches, or have the tree removed altogether.

Dead Limbs

If you have any dead limbs throughout your landscape, they can be especially dangerous. Dead tree limbs are liable to fall, which can be a hazard to those passing by, and a hazard to your property. Be sure to look for signs that your trees have dead limbs, and have them removed safely before they fall.

Signs of Dead Limbs

Keep an eye out for:

  • Limbs that no longer grow leaves.
  • Limbs that are discolored (they may also have mold).
  • Limbs that are breaking or broken.

A Leaning Tree

If your trees are leaning, it can cause a catastrophe. Trees can become unbalanced as they grow, and they may uproot if they have a poor root structure, or are very unbalanced. If you notice that your tree is leaning, it may need to be removed, cut, or braced before it falls.

Your Tree Is an Obstruction

Do you have a tree that’s scraping against your home? Or a tree that is prone to grow into a power line? Perhaps you have a tree that’s simply obstructing your view. Regardless of the issue at hand, when you have a tree that needs trimming, we can help.

Count on Your Experts Here at Able

When you have a tree (or trees) that have become a hazard, we’re the crew to call. We provide tree trimming and tree removal services (in addition to a variety of other tree care services). We work with folks throughout Ray Township, Macomb, and beyond.