As your Able Tree Experts, we’re glad to assess tree health on your property to make sure that you don’t have a hazard growing in your landscape.

We’ll assess the trees throughout your property, and we’ll let you know the proper solution; in most instances, we’ll cut limbs that are a hazard to you and yours. In some cases, tree limbs (or trees) may be saved.

So let’s talk tree hazard assessment and limb removal. Here are hazards that you can keep an eye out for, and why you should act right away when you do notice a hazard:

What Kind of Hazards Should I Look For?

Dead and dying branches:

If you have branches that are on their last limb, it’s time to call in your local tree experts. We’ll assess and remove tree branches that are damaged, infested with insects or mold, and branches that are completely dead. In some cases, tree limbs can be saved. For instance, you may have a tree limb that isn’t producing leaves, it may have just endured a cold snap, and removal may not be necessary.

Obstructive branches:

Sometimes branches are simply in the way. If you have a tree with limbs that extend towards power lines, your home, or another structure, then you’ll want to have those obstructive branches remove. We can shape your trees and lop off unnecessary limbs so that your tree won’t be a hazard in the future.

Act Right Away

If you have a branch that’s dead or dying, or a branch that’s near a power line or structure, it’s important to act before disaster strikes. In high winds or heavy snow, these branches can be especially dangerous, and you never know when a branch will snap or swing to wreak havok.

Get Started With Your Tree Experts

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