If you have low-hanging branches, or a tree that’s simply overgrown, we can help.

As your Able Tree Experts, we know how to properly cut your trees to ensure that they aren’t in the way, yet they’re as healthy as can be. Here are some reasons why you may want to have your trees trimmed, as well as when you should have those trees trimmed, and why you should count on our team if you live here in southeastern Michigan.

Why Trim Your Canopy?

There are numerous reasons why you may want to trim the lower branches of your trees. We recommend canopy elevation for all of the following issues:

Damage to Your Structures – If your trees limbs are growing into your home, power lines, or any other structures on your property, we can trim your tree to ensure that damage doesn’t occur.

Low-Hanging Branches – Low-hanging branches can be dangerous, if not annoying. If you have a low-hanging branch above a sidewalk, you’ll want to have it lopped off to keep passersby safe. Or, you might have low-hanging branches that make mowing your yard an obstacle course. Regardless, when there’s a branch that’s obstructive, we can help.

Poor Lighting – If you have a tree with a thick canopy, it may actually be damaging to other flora throughout your landscape. If too many leaves are blotting out the sun, your plants and lawn may be suffering. Canopy elevation can alleviate this problem, and with proper tree trimming techniques, you can still maintain the health of your trees.

When Should You Trim?

It’s best to have your trees trimmed in early spring or late winter, although minor tree limb removal may be performed year-round. If you’re concerned about your tree, and you’d like our professional advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us—we’ll let you know what’s safe for your tree.

Count on Able Tree Experts

Here at Able Tree, we know tree care. Our team has over three decades of experience providing tree care services to folks throughout southeastern Michigan. If you have any low-hanging tree limbs, or trees that are obstructive, we have the fix. We’ll cut your tree limbs as is appropriate to ensure that your trees thrive. Also, feel free to learn about our crown thinning services.